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Selective Slumber Comforts Body And Mind Even the suggestion of the word, sedative conjures up images in the mind of an operation theatre or a state of physical and mental incapacitation. But it goes far beyond that and so does Ambien Zoltrate 10mg. It is a hypnotic called Zolpidem which affects chemicals in the brain, …

10 ways to manage insomnia without medications

10 Ways To Manage insomnia Without Medications – Get Fitt Rx

Do you know, there are around 70 million Americans who are under sleeping disorders? Amongst the sleeping disorders, insomnia is seen as the most common type. Surveys conclude that 30% of sufferers go through short-term insomnia, whereas 10% are reported under long-term insomnia. Many reasons conclude its occurrences, such as anxiety, poor sleeping pattern, past traumatic events, …

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